Finally Am Here!

After so many months – or is it years? –  of praying, contemplating and thinking, I finally overcame this fear and now here we are. My first blog! Hurray! Procrastination has been a big set back and having this up and running is reason to thank God.

More so, today (14th October) marks the day I came into this world.  And guess what? So it will be for my first post! I’m so excited. I treasure this day so much, because it is brought about by so many relationships tied together like a rope; strong and held firmly.  With this beginning, I take this opportunity to thank all the relations that have contributed in one way or another to my life.

Firstly is to the Almighty God who is the great I am and without Him all would be vanity, then to my parents, my siblings (awesome people I love you guys), my lovely husband(your support and motivation, i love you), my new family and my friends. You have been there in both small or big ways, I value your presence in my life.  You are all wonderful treasures to me, my life would have been less blessed without your valuable relationships.

As I embark on blogging, I begin by reiterating Mark Twain’s words: “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”  

Let us walk this journey together!


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